Digital Style Guide

As a compliment to our Brand Style Guide, this digital style guide serves as a comprehensive outline of the visual and interactive elements for all digital platforms. Use this as a reference to ensure consistency and coherence across various digital assets. The primary purpose of the HL digital style guide is to maintain a unified brand identity, enhance user experience and streamline the design and development process. 

What's included:

  • CMS components: elements, requirements and use cases for all widgets within the Kentico email and website ecosystems
  • Layouts: guidelines for layout structures, grid systems, and spacing help maintain visual harmony and consistency, ensuring proper alignment, proportions and responsiveness

  • Event standards: themes and templates to be applied to event communications

  • Campaign and social tiles: samples of social media and paid campaign imagery that provides an example framework of a well executed, consistent campaign

  • Self-service comms: samples of templates and guides accessible to end users within the BrandMail platform

What we'll gain:

  • Consistency: maintaining a consistent visual and interactive experience across different screens, platforms and devices
  • Enhanced user experience: consistency improves usability, reduces cognitive load, and provides a seamless experience for users, fostering trust and engagement
  • Collaboration: a reference for designers, developers, and content creators, enabling smoother collaboration, minimizing misinterpretations and saving time during the design and development process
  • Scalability: efficient scaling of the digital product by providing guidelines that can be easily followed and implemented across various teams and projects