“As a global leader in the private markets, Hamilton Lane is committed to using data, not anecdote, to help move the industry forward. We work to increase transparency and deliver actionable data and efficient analysis.”

Erik Hirsch, Vice Chairman and Head of Strategic Initiatives


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Indirect Private Equity


We believe all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity or nationality, are deserving of respect, inclusion, safe work environments and basic human rights. In our investment process, we evaluate and consider several criteria, including: Employee diversity, workplace conditions, supply chain practices, consumer protections and broader societal impacts. Furthermore, given the risks they pose to our neighbors around the world, we do not directly invest in companies with products or services related to controversial weapons (defined as chemical/biological, nuclear, cluster munitions and landmines), abusive lending practices or companies that could support child labor, human trafficking or forced labor across our commingled products. 

Investing Responsibly

Our Social Policy Statement

Paul Yett, Director of ESG & Sustainability

“Diversity is something that has been talked about throughout my 25-year career in the industry. After decades of talk and some limited action, I am more optimistic today that real change is coming. I believe we are living through a moment that people will look back on as a genuine turning point, and a real shift in national consciousness. There is still anger, but there is also determination for change. It is impressive and it is powerful.”

Empowers general partners and private companies to collect, analyze, benchmark, and report relevant ESG data

ESG research provider to systematically identify and assess material ESG risks in portfolio companies

CRM technology also used to host and track GPs’ annual ESG survey responses 

400+ GP responses to our annual ESG & Diversity survey to all our discretionary investment managers, allowing for YoY comparison

Data and transparency empower us to make better decisions

Technology solutions are essential to gauge, track and measure both risk and progress

Translating Data into Results