Andrea Kramer, Co-Head of Fund Investments

"For years now, we have been one of the largest investors and allocators of capital to diverse managers across the globe.”

1A manager is diverse if there is 25%+ diversity in two of the four categories of: Ownership Level, Investment Committee, Carried Interest, or Investment Team.
2As of 12/31/21

Free HL Back Office Best Practices event offered online to GPs

Widening the funnel: Online PPM Submission; Meet any manager with 25%+ diversity by ownership

Introduction to technology partners to help support data collection and reporting processes

We seek to partner with managers who share our commitment to DE&I and exhibit best practices, including:

Supplier due diligence

Monitoring and reporting of social KPIs

Diversity mandates for hiring third-party service providers

A diverse board compositions

A focus on expanding diversity of decision makers at the managing and portfolio company levels

An official diversity policy statement at the managing and portfolio company levels

Manager Support, Oversight and Mentorship

$8.8B discretionary & advisory capital to diverse funds over the last two years1,2



Commitments Made


Meetings Taken


Diverse Managers Reviewed


2020–2021 Diverse Managers Deal Flow:

Investing in diverse organizations and with firms that are working hard to make meaningful progress

Acceleration of Capital

Diverse perspectives
lead to informed decisions

Our role as a global asset manager and capital allocator puts us in a position to drive meaningful change in our industry.