“A commitment to really enacting change takes time and the programs, time and effort we are putting in place today will make us better going forward”

“I appreciate that HL was an early mover on this front and not just responding to the pressures just recently being felt by the business community.”

“Hearing stories of the struggles people face on a daily basis in our SJ Chats to listening to the experiences of the presenters in our DE&I Speaker Series has further opened my eyes to how people are impacted by even the smallest actions or inactions.”

“HL, in my view, is firmly committed to DE&I. We seem to have all the right infrastructure in place. Now it’s a matter of building a diverse workforce across all functions.”

“Hamilton Lane maintains a strong commitment to diversity initiatives within the organization and is focused on promoting and recruiting talent from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, gender and experiences.”

“I believe that the firm is committed to DE&I as reflected particularly in the recent relationship with Philadelphia Financial Scholars as well as tying managers’ performance reviews to DE&I.”

“Actions speak louder than words and HL has continued to take action to demonstrate its commitment to DE&I. It starts with the top from Mario setting the tone that DE&I is a priority across teams and levels of the organization.”

“I think our firm does an excellent job in its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am open about being gay at work, and I have never felt like I cannot be myself around anyone in the office.”

“I have found the programming amazing. I think bringing issues into the forefront is vital to increasing knowledge, compassion, inclusion and reduction of bias and inequity. Whilst every interaction hasn’t been comfortable, I think this is key to strengthening our organization.”

agree that the firm provides an inclusive environment for the free and open expression
of ideas, opinions
and beliefs


believe that the CEO/Direct
Reports/Dept. Leaders support the firm’s value
of “Promoting Equity & Inclusion from Within” 


of interviewers have noticed the firm’s efforts to increase diversity among job candidates


agree HL is genuinely committed to DE&I


are aware that there are workforce diversity aspirations


 say they are proud to tell people they work at HL


Employee Survey Highlights

In 2021, we surveyed our employees to understand their experiences at the firm and where we can improve. With a 79% response rate, results showed strong engagement and a sense of belonging across the workforce.