We’re thrilled to share our first publicly-available DE&I report with all of you, and we look forward to continuing the open dialogue and reporting on our ongoing progress.

As always, we thank you for your partnership and your trust in our organization.

Our business, our industry, and our global communities are at a crucial inflection point and, at Hamilton Lane, we are All In.

Clearly, I’m exceedingly proud of the work we’ve done and the company we’ve created over the past 30 years. But as much as we’re celebrating our past, we’re looking squarely toward the future. To the next 30. And on that front, what I can assure all of you reading this – all of our clients, partners and employees – is that the DE&I work will continue, the progress will continue. And as an assurance that it will, I’ve asked our Board of Directors to hold me personally accountable for delivering upon the HL-All plan, to realizing meaningful and measurable change. I, in turn, will hold our senior managers accountable for their role in fostering and growing our diverse and inclusive culture at Hamilton Lane.  

And we added increasingly important benefits at a time of great need, including virtual behavioral and mental health services. 

We gave employees Volunteer Time Off to support the Black Lives Matter movement

We launched our internal Social Justice Chat series where our employees could have smaller, more meaningful education and discussion sessions

We launched our Campus Outreach committee to expand and oversee our recruiting efforts at diverse universities globally

In 2020, we introduced HL-All – a strategic plan to intentionally embed DE&I into our company values, culture, recruiting and retention practices

They changed the way we work, the way we eat and watch movies, the way we think about social justice and democracy. Countless changes are happening every day that will help to drive us forward toward new and better outcomes. One such change is the push for companies to prioritize diverse and inclusive workforces - and to use their collective influence and capital to create a more equitable global society. That certainly holds true for the private markets industry and for Hamilton Lane specifically.

Our company’s foundation has always been firmly rooted in diversity – from the firm’s founders to the steady and deliberate progress we’ve made in the decades since. What will never waver is our focus on building an inclusive, employee-focused culture.

We recently polled our nearly 500 employees around the world and were thrilled to see that our people view HL’s commitment to diversity as authentic and long-standing. They feel it in their interactions with senior leadership and with one another, and they perceive it in the tangible actions we’ve taken to influence and enhance inclusion within our own organization, as well as that of our broader industry. Nothing gives me more gratification than knowing our employees take pride in working for Hamilton Lane.

To me, if you want to talk about a commitment to action, this is what following through on that commitment looks like.

They say the only constant in life is change and, not to be outdone, the last two years have changed everything.  


A Letter from Mario Giannini