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2022 Annual Report
Impact Fund
2022 Annual Report

facilitated across 218,000+ non-profits in the past year

$5.7B donations

benefitting from better access to healthcare solutions in the past year

1.3M patients

of food saved from a lesser 
outcome in the past year

43.5M lbs.

on digital education software in the past year

381M+ student hours

acquired for conservation or water recharge in the past year

61,183 acres

facilitated in the past year

9M volunteer hours

of renewable energy generated in the past year

168M MWh

of electricity use reduced or saved in the past year

1M MWh

of waste reduced in the past year

3M metric tons

of CO2 reduced or avoided in the past year

10M metric tons

A message from Jackie Rantanen and Dave Helgerson, Co-Heads of Impact Investments
Impact Fund

1The impact metrics above are only a representative sample of the impact metrics collected over the past year across the portfolio.

2Represents the latest 12 months of information available as of June 30, 2022, unless otherwise noted. Metrics calculated and provided directly by the general partners or underlying companies.

Diversified Impact Across the Portfolio1,2